Program Structure


The Naomi Project has one paid employee who serves as a liaison and coordinator between Britepaths and Naomi Project leaders and volunteers. The Naomi Project Manager manages the planning and implementation of the Naomi Project, including, but not limited to, community outreach; program operations; reporting to funders; and developing reports and forms used to promote and conduct the program. The Naomi Project Manager is Jill Beres,, 703.273.8829. 

Area Coordinators

Naomi Project mentors are supervised by Area Coordinators who report to the Co-directors. All Area Coordinators have been with the Naomi Project for several years and have demonstrated leadership, reliability, creativity, and compassion. These senior mentors accompany new mentors on first home visits and utilize their own experiences to guide the new volunteers in establishing goals for their mentoring relationships. The Area Coordinators are: Caroline Hillkirk, Peggy Cressy, Susanne Leslie, Susan Brickman, Sarah Bock, Jennifer Mendoza, and Christine Kenny.

Click Here for the Area Coordinator Monthly Report form


A Naomi Project volunteer is a trained mentor to who is matched in a one-on-one relationship with an at-risk pregnant or newly parenting woman. Mentors work with clients to promote healthy pregnancies, foster good parenting skills, and help clients get a sense of direction in their lives.  Mentors provides encouragement and support; does appropriate health teaching; makes referrals to appropriate community services; models sound parenting skills; supports her client as she plans for a healthy future for herself and her baby.   Mentors understands the importance of having weekly contact with the client – particularly in the first six weeks as the relationship is getting established. Mentors understand the importance of record keeping, and submit monthly reports summarizing work with the client.