To Receive Services from Britepaths, a Client Must Meet the Following Criteria:
  • Residency: Must be a Fairfax County Resident (includes residents of City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church, Town of Herndon, Town of Vienna). Exceptions are Financial Literacy classes and counseling clinics, which are open to Northern Virginia residents.
  • Referral: Must have a referral by a social worker or case worker from the Fairfax County Health and Human Services or a Fairfax County Community Based Organization (CBO) or Faith Based Organization (FBO). Individuals who do not have a social worker may call 703.222.0880. A social worker from Fairfax County Health and Human Services will complete an assessment over the phone and make a referral if warranted.
  • Zip Codes: Britepaths provides financial assistance and food assistance to all of Fairfax County (including residents of City of Fairfax, City of Falls Church, Town of Herndon, Town of Vienna) - except the Route 1 corridor.  We are a second-tier provider in the Rt. 1 corridor served by United Community Ministries (UCM), Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services and Lorton Community Action Center (LCAC). See Zip Code listing (PDF)

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Food Assistance
Please Note: We have made some changes to the way we deliver food support! Please read carefully to ensure that you make the appropriate referral.

Britepaths' Food Bridge Program offers short-term food assistance to qualified Fairfax County residents who have been referred to the Program and are able to receive food deliveries of non-perishable food items to their homes on two Sundays each month. This is a supplemental program that is intended to provide approximately six months of food assistance while the recipient is working with a financial mentor or receiving comparable services to recover from a financial crisis and work toward financial self-sufficiency. Britepaths also provides one-time emergency food assistance while the client is waiting to get on the program. 

Britepaths' Food Support Program offers clients who are in a crisis situation an emergency food packing that consists of non-perishable food, a modest grocery store gift card, and toiletries. The packing must be picked up at Britepaths' office by appointment. If necessary, the client may pick up a second packing two weeks later. These packings are intended to provide a reprieve while they are working with their social worker to stabilize their situation.

Anyone who needs to be on Britepaths' Food Program must be a Fairfax County resident and be referred by a social worker or other qualified referring agent. Clients may contact 703.222.0880 if they do not have a social worker. If the representative interested in making the referral is not able to conduct the intake involved in filling out the Application for Assistance, they should ask the client to call 703.222.0880.

Contact: Programs Director Christina Garris at, Phone: 703.273.8829 ext. 444; Fax 703.273.7131. See our Food Bridge page to learn more about our food assistance services.

Referral for Food Bridge Program: (MS WORD) (PDF

Referral for Food Support Program: (MS WORD) (PDF

Financial Assistance

As of June 15, 2015, Britepaths only accepts Financial Assistance Referrals from Fairfax County’s Coordinated Services Planning (CSP). Funds are distributed between the 15th and end of each month.

If you are a referring agent who is not affiliated with CSP, please ask your client to contact CSP at 703.222.0880 to complete the intake process. This does not represent a guarantee that your client will receive Financial Assistance from Britepaths.

Britepaths' Financial Assistance Program aims to provide qualified Fairfax County area residents with a one-time grant that is paid directly to the service provider (e.g. landlord, utility company). Financial grants are intended for an emergency payment toward housing, utilities, auto repair, or medical assistance. The funds we provide are most often part of a "package" of funds that the social worker requesting funds puts together by receiving pledges from two or more sources to cover an entire bill. In cases where our funds are part of a package, Britepaths will not release funds to the vendor until receiving confirmation that the package is complete – meaning that funds have been pledged by all sources to cover the client's bill.

Recipients of Financial Assistance from Britepaths are required to attend a Financial Literacy class within three months of the receipt of assistance. It may be a class offered by Britepaths or another local organization. There is a 3-month window in which to take the class after the receipt of financial assistance through Britepaths. The Referring Agent/Social Worker will provide a schedule of classes to the client, and the client will be responsible for contacting us to RSVP to attend a Britepaths class, or providing proof that he/she has attended another organization's class. Eligible Britepaths classes are Thrifty Thursday Basic Budgeting classes, which are offered each month in a different area of the County, or our monthly Financial Counseling Clinics in Alexandria and Chantilly.

Contact: Financial Programs Manager Diana Vallenilla at or 703.273.8829 with any questions about the Financial Assistance Program.

Financial Literacy Services

Britepaths requires a referral from a Social Worker with Fairfax County or qualified Community Based Organizations or Faith Based Organizations for those wishing to receive Financial Mentoring services. View Flyer. Clients who are referred for mentoring services must attend a Basic Budgeting class and will then be screened for suitability to be matched with a mentor.

Basic Budgeting (Thrifty Thursdays) and other classes Britepaths advertises are open to the public. No referral is needed, but we ask that you or the client RSVP to Carole Rogers, Financial Literacy Program Assistant at or 703.273.8829. Britepaths also partners with United Community Ministries in Alexandria and Western Fairfax Christian Ministries in Chantilly to offer free Financial Counseling Clinics. Clients may visit our Financial Literacy page to learn about all our Financial Literacy services. They may also wish to visit the Financial Empowerment Center at South County for financial coaching and classes and many other free resources to improve their financial outlook (more info below).

Contact: Marcelle Miles, Financial Literacy Program Manager,; Phone: 703.273.8829 ext. 333; Fax: 703.273.7131.

Referral for Financial Mentoring: (MS WORD)  (PDF

NEW! Financial Empowerment Center at South County

Britepaths manages the Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) at South County through a grant from the United Way of the National Capital Area and Fairfax County. Financial Empowerment Centers through the United Way are family-friendly places where hard-working, low-income people can access a range of financially empowering services to move themselves out of poverty and achieve long-term financial stability. The FEC at South County offers Financial Coaching by appointment and frequently schedules budgeting classes and personal finance and small business workshops. Other services include tax assistance, small business assistance and a pre-apprenticeship training program. A full list of services is available at and appointments may be made through the website or by calling the center. Clients may access services without a referral. Contact: or 703.704.6101.

Workforce Development: Project BRIDGE and Network Up

Project BRIDGE is a workforce development and financial literacy program designed to assist under- or un-employed men and women with their job or career goals. Clients must live in Fairfax County; Must be motivated to focus on workforce development, open to financial literacy education, and willing to establish job and life skills that will lead to self-sufficiency; Must have a high school diploma or GED; Must have basic computer skills, and regular access to email; and Must be able to communicate in English. More Information

Network Up In April 2019, Britepaths launched a new and improved short-term mentoring opportunity that pairs under- or un-employed men and women with a mentor who is a professional in their mentee’s desired job sector. The mentor and mentee meet 2 to 5 times over a 2-month period at an area coffee shop or other casual environment that fosters rapport. During these meetings, the mentor and mentee engage in career conversations focused on issues commonly faced by individuals attempting to enter or re-enter the job market such as professional networking; job interviewing; and career planning.  Network Up is NOT a job placement program. Rather, the goal is to increase a mentee’s professional network. Potential clients may refer themselves, or a social worker may make the referral by sending an email to Jill Beres (info below). More Information

Contact: Workforce Development Manager Jill Beres at; Phone: 703.273.8829 ext. 102; Fax: 703.273.7131.

Project BRIDGE Referral Form: (MS Word) (PDF
Network Up Mentee Referral Form: (MS Word) (PDF)

Naomi Project

Effective immediately, the Naomi Project will no longer accept any new referrals to the program. Thank you for your support of the Naomi Project, and for referring your clients to our program so that they could be matched with our wonderful volunteers. Contact Jill Beres at or 703.273.8829 with questions.

School Supplies

Britepaths' Collect for Kids Back to School Program partners with Fairfax County's Collect for Kids initiative to purchase and distribute school supplies to the schools it serves at a significant discount. During July and August, Britepaths collects financial donations, backpacks and scientific calculators to assist students in the Fairfax High School and Justice High School pyramids, and other Fairfax County Public Schools where a need is identified and a partnership is made. Britepaths works with FCPS to determine the school pyramids it will assist early in the year and contacts and provides applications to social workers or counselors in schools in those pyramids in the spring. Britepaths then orders supplies for those schools based on the orders that have been placed by social workers and distributes supplies to the schools in mid-August. The partner schools distribute the supplies to students that they identify as having need. Britepaths does not distribute supplies directly to families. 

Contact: Joanne Walton, Seasonal Programs Manager, at or 703.273.8829 ext. 888.

Holiday Assistance

Britepaths' Holiday Program seeks to assist low-income individuals and families throughout the Fairfax County area with Thanksgiving and December holiday meals and gifts for children (under 18) for the December holidays. Britepaths primarily serves families by matching them with community members and organizations who "sponsor" families for meals and/or gifts. We also seek financial donations so that we can provide gift cards to families who are not sponsored. Britepaths will primarily receive referrals for Holiday assistance in the fall through Fairfax County Coordinated Services Planning.

Contact: Joanne Walton, Seasonal Programs Manager, at or 703.273.8829 ext 888.